Sunday, September 27, 2015

Leanna Marie Sophia

Hi there, so my name is Leanna. The Marie Sophia part is just my middle names. I have two because the one I was born with and the other is my Catholic name. But anyways I'm twenty years old, studying fashion design at FIDM. I just finished my AA in fashion design an I'm on to my BA in design. I'm not entirely sure on what I want this blog to be about but I thought it would be a lovely thing to have an just sure with people. I have so many ideas I wanna show people so go ahead and take a gander. Before I end this though here are a few things you should know about me.
1. I'm from Pennsylvania.
2. I have five noticeable scars on my face, there were more but over time they faded away. 
3. I'm pretty tall, which helped when I was a ballet dancer.
4. I adore photography but I'm to scared to admit it or do something with it.
5. I wanna move to Seattle.
6. I'm huge hockey an football fan.
7. I was raised by a family full of boys.
8. Psychology interest me an it's my inspiration for the majority of my designs.
9. Pink is my actual favorite color but of course I only wear black or white.
10. My computer is currently at the Apple Store getting fixed so I've been using my phone. They said I'll have it in 3-5 days.