Sunday, October 4, 2015

I wear pink for my family.

I wear pink for my family.

Crop shirt

Witchery white coat
$160 -

Antique gold jewelry
$135 -

Olivia Burton bracelet jewelry
$120 -

I wear pink for....

So it's breast cancer awareness month an this month is kind of big in my family. It's because a lot of the women in my family have dealt with breast cancer. A few years ago we lost my aunt to it and than not long after her daughter just found out that she has it. So every women in my family has been getting checkups every year just to make sure. I'm only 20 but the day I turn 21 I have to go to the doctors and start my routinely visits. So this is is coming from the heart, if you have someone in your family (even one person) with breast cancer, you should go get checked out. 
I wear pink for....

Glamorous fitted shirt
$27 -

Antique gold jewelry
$135 -

Olivia burton watch
$120 -

Witchery palette eyeshadow
$14 -


This set was inspired by the heels and purse. Lately I've been on this all black and white kick, and I'm enjoying it. I like how it gives an outfit a nice clean polish look, It helps someone who's not put together look put together.

A L C slim fit white shirt

Suede leather shoes
$32 -

Gold sapphire earrings

Engagement ring
$7.59 -

Iphone sleeve case

Black false eyelash


Essie nail varnish

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Long Beach

So on Tuesday I went to Long Beach to visit my cousin, he came in for work. While down there we explored the area next to the convention center since thats where he was working. There were so many adorable small shops and restaurants that made me feel like I wasn't in California. One of my favorite shops was one that was owned by another FIDM Alumni Kat. The Shop is called Make Collectives, and it has a little of fashion, home decor and beauty. Here are a few photos from that day.
My cousin Doug, he's a wedding Photographer from Pennsylvania but he's slowly expanding so if you would like to see his work here's his website.
Here's one of the mugs that Make Collectives have in the shop. I thought it was great for me but I didn't get it. :( 
We than meet up with his boss, at Berlin Bistro for brunch.
And than right next to the restaurant was this record shop called Finger Prints. I feel like if you go to Long Beach you should definitely visit these three places. But I really feel like you should visit MADE in Long Beach. The owner of the shop seriously helped us find some amazing stores and told us about some events that were happening this week.