Monday, November 16, 2015

Late night thoughts...

Hi there, so it's like 1:54am here an I can't sleep so I thought I post something since I haven't in like a month or so. I meant to post something about Halloween but I just never finished it or saved it so we're just going to let that go. But anyways why I can't sleep is because I got sick over the weekend an now I'm nauseous when ever I lay down. I also had to get up for 8 this morning to go to work for a meeting so when I got back I went back to sleep and slept till 3pm. Oh an that beautiful picture of coffee yea I had that drink at like 9pm and I'm suppose to be on this diet where I don't drink caffeine but for some reason this whole month I've been just getting caffein. I'm seriously just screwing my self over. I think I'm going to fast tomorrow on the whole caffeine thing so I can go back on this diet, but I'm scared that I'm going to get headaches because that's all I've been drinking this quarter. I'm going to have to carry a water jug with me all week. Oh boy. But I think I'm going to try an go to sleep again because I have to get up at 9am to get ready to go meet my class at LACMA for 11:30 an I need to make sure they can't tell I look tired. Oh something good happened today though, I got tickets to go see one direction perform on Jimmy Kimmel! I'm so excited because I've never seen them live before an since this is their last year touring I needed to see them. So that's something that's keeping me going. Oh my roommates and I started decorating for Christmas and we put up a mini tree! I'm just so excited for Christmas, to me it's true the most magical time of the year. I don't know how much longer I have all I know is I'm going home the 19th of December and I'm excited to see snow! Sometimes I get really tired of LA. Ok well goodnight. Xoxo

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